25 Years & Done!

Another huge thankyou to everyone who helped make the 25th show a success. It was exhausting for me, but for some, it was a sterling effort. Fred (left) was there from dawn ’till dusk (well… almost…) putting up pictures and making sure everyone did what Liz & Joy said. Not bad for a fella with over 90 years of experience. We’ll be sad to see Fred drop off the committee this year, but after spending all 25 years having a hand in the show, we think he’s earned a rest. Thanks Fred!

My two highlights were the children’s entries – as usual. The general committee discussion before the Judges arrived was “Tank or Titanic?” It was an even split, but I personally had my eye on the biggest Wonka bar I’d ever seen. I did have a chat with some of the judges over lunch and they all remarked on how tough it is to judge our show. I think that’s a testament to all of you who entered. Winner or not, it’s all about the taking part.

2019 will unfortunately see the loss of over half our committee. Our volunteers are getting thinner on the ground, and this puts more pressure on those who remain to try and keep the show going for another year. So please – if you can help in any way – even if it’s a couple of hours shifting tables on Friday or Saturday, we would very much like to hear from you and ease the burden on our “usual suspects” who turn up year after year.

I’ll wait for Denise’s summary before a formal “Show’s Over” page, and the Winners table, but I’ll close off with my two highlights. More pictures are available on Flickr here.

Burning Barbie was the entry that I had to do a double take at. Fantastic idea, brilliantly executed and my favourite entry in the whole show.

This 1st prize was awarded to a youngster who beat all the adults with her delicious looking cup cakes. It was wonderful to see her excitement and fab to see the :cough: older hands given a run for their money by a youngster. Well done!