Calling All Younger Visitors

20150801-_DSF0662Hi everyone. It’s been a busy time at Show HQ with work on our 2016 schedule. We’re now finally done and you can download the entry form or full schedule here, or explore the classes from here.

One thing that always strikes me as amazing, is the quality of entries from our younger villagers and there are trophies to be won in many categories. With half-term coming it’s a great thing to get stuck into on a wet day. The show is now 12-and-a-bit weeks off, so there’s still time to get something growing for the Brian Jewkes trophy (for class C21), or maybe even begin work on an airfix kit (for class G5) – where there is no age restriction – so mums, dads, friends and grandparents can help with the trickier jobs!

That said, we have specific entries for our younger visitors…

For those who like colouring in, we supply simple A4 templates in our Junior Art section. (You can download them here) And for those who like to create from scratch, we have a full junior handcraft section here.

So why not get your younger family members involved this half-term? Have a look around the junior section and see if there’s anything that might pique their interests.

Schedule Available…!

flower-collageHappy June everyone! Well… Yesterday wasn’t so great, but hopefully it will improve in the coming weeks. The schedule is now available in the Download section along with (almost) all the other downloads for the show this year. You’ll soon start to see physical copies at the usual haunts, but the technically savvy can get a jump start by downloading either the whole schedule, or just the entry form.

One thing that has been finalised (well it was a while ago… I’m not super fast on my updates this year…) is the category for the junior handicraft section L16 – “A collage made up of flower pictures”. This is a trophy provided by and awarded by the Weaverham Trust and is open to any junior artist up to, and including, 16 years old. There’s more detail at the bottom of the junior handicraft page here if you’re interested and you can download the template here.

If you’re a local school taking part again in the show this year, you can also download templates for the junior art here and read more about the categories here. Previous years have seen the wall of the community centre covered in colour from these works so it would be really good to see these entries flood in.

Don’t forget! All entries for under 16s are free!


Schedules Now Available

ICT_val_rose2Well; as we move into June, things are moving along nicely.

We now have schedules, entry forms and templates for the various junior art sections available for download here (or use the “Downloads” menu tab at the top of the page).

If you would prefer a physical copy, pop along to one of the following locations:

Weaverham Community Centre

Weaverham Library

Russet Clothes Care Centre

Weaverham Post Office

Weaverham DIY & Electrical


I’d give it a few days though as they were only printed very recently. Good luck and we hope to see lots of entries this year!


Weaverham Trust Junior Shield

The Weaverham Trust works to ensure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic and public interest within the Weaverham village.

To achieve this objective the Trust:
• Informs the public of the geography, history, natural history and architecture of the Weaverham area.
• Promotes high standards of planning and architecture within the Parish, acting as a coordinating body between local authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and persons having aims similar to those of the Trust.

Last year we introduced a new Weaverham Trust category to the annual Village Show and the entries supplied by the children were great. We would like to continue with the new Trust category this year.
The entries for the Weaverham Trust category (L16) in 2014 should depict:

“My Favourite Insect or Bird”

To celebrate the children’s efforts we will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd winning rosettes. The Trust will also include some of the best entries in the quarterly Weaverham News.

The entry criteria are as follows:
• Pictures must fit within the black frame on the proforma supplied (this year we are providing an electronic copy to help ensure good reproduction. Download this here.).
• Pictures must be black and white.
• All entries must be submitted on the form supplied.
• There is no limit on the number of entries your school can submit.

Pupil entries should be handed to the Village Show representative who will collect all school Show entries during the first 2 weeks of July 2014. Other junior entries in this class can enter on the day before the show (more info here)

The show will be held in the Community Centre on Saturday 2nd August 2014 and full show details will be included in the May/June edition of the Weaverham News. However if, in the meantime, you have any queries, please contact the show committee here.
The Trust would like to thank you for your support of this venture.

John Wilson
Weaverham Trust

The updates begin…!

ICT_white_roseSo with the Weaverham News receiving some information, we thought it would be time for a minor site update.

The Photography classes have now been decided, to give us all time to start snapping or looking through albums so that we get plenty of entries. The classes are 1) A Bridge 2) Windows and Doors 3) Fancy Dress 4) Grandparent(s) 5)” Red White and Blue” and 6) Cheshire. The Weaverham Trust class is for a colour photograph of “Village Wildlife” which must have details of when and where it was taken. So that gives us all seven classes to have a go at. It was a brilliant section of the Show last year so hopefully it will be just as good this year if not better! Head over to the Photography section of the website for more information.

We shall also have our usual sections for Flowers and Vegetables, Flower Arranging, Domestic Produce, Handicrafts, Woodwork and Art.

This year we have a new Trophy:- The “Bryan Jewkes Trophy” This will be awarded to “A young gardener for any vegetable or vegetables grown by an under 16 year old“. This could range from a marrow to a bunch of carrots. The only criteria is that it must be grown by that young person.

Don’t forget that the show is open to anyone who is resident in Weaverham and Acton Bridge and the junior classes are also open to any pupil who attends a Weaverham School. As the schedule becomes available we will update this site with more information.

Oh – and one last thing : Last year we were a bit low on Art so if you or any of your family are creative – why not have a look at the Art classes?

Any questions – drop us a line via the contact form.