2017 – The Day After

So the 2017 show is now over. Thankyou all for your support – whether it was as an entrant who gave us 25p a go and filled the room with some amazing exhibits, whether it was as a volunteer who started in January with all the running around, through to vanning tables about on Friday & Saturday night. Maybe you just came to have a look on Saturday and gave us £1 to help put on the 25th show next year, or maybe you had the difficult task of judging the entries. Maybe you were sweating away in an office or a kitchen – working hard to ensure those “front of house” people could swan around looking pretty 🙂 Or maybe you’re still in the scout hut this morning doing the washing up! Maybe you even did all of those things and a bit more. Either way – thanks. I entered my first show in 2010 and found it a lovely, wonderful experience. It just wouldn’t still be here if not for the hard work of all the volunteers and members of the community who continue to work hard to make it all possible.

The photos I took from the day are all here to view on Flickr. If you’ve got some photos or anything you’d like to share (or have me add to the WABShow Flickr account) contact us and ‘ll be in touch. Here’s a selection of my personal favourites from the day (I Am Not A Judge – this is just what I liked…)


Teddy bear made by hand. Spoke to the lady and said I’d make him “Internet Famous” – so here he is!


Barons Quay Photos… When I went there to take photos for the competition, I struggled. However I was really impressed by some of these entries.


John Lennon – carved in wood. Amazing.


This was just a wonderful little tableaux. The detail – even down to the print on the “Weaverham News” was incredible. Super stuff.


This is just a small sample of some of the amazing quality junior art. As a failed artist (and thus a photographer) myself I’m blown away by some of the talent on display here. Well done to all who entered.

Liz will be along when she’s recovered to give her verdict on the 2017 show (Edit to add she’s done it – here), and we’ll be back in January to think about our 25th birthday in 2018. Enjoy the rest of the Summer folks!

It’s Tomorrow!

OK folks – I’m not going to lie, but I didn’t enjoy putting up a second roll of backing paper to cater for all the photos. Who would have thought H6 would be so popular? Well.. Only me apparently.

Either way – we’re done and dusted now. Just got time to crack open my last Landlord, then get some sleep in preparation for what will definitely be the most challenging show for our photography Judge. I have no clue about the other categories – I’m just worried that I’ve given enough wall space to each category – and there’s a *lot* of wall space to give over!

A huge thankyou to all our volunteers who came to the community centre tonight and helped with blu-tacking the children’s photos, setting up (and collecting!) tables from St Mary’s and Wallerscote school, booking peoples’ entries in, and helping me with photo backing paper. We also had the Weaverham Trust on hand too who will be having a stand tomorrow in the coffee area – so pop over and say hello to find out  bit more about what they do.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

2017 Weaverham Show Almost Here..

So the posters have gone up this week and you may have spotted them on our travels. The show is just 2 weeks (and one day!) away now so make sure you’ve got your ingredients, prints, or whatever else you need in advance of the big day. I’m really looking forward to see what fruit & veg appear this year, because the weather has been great for it (for me anyway, although my glads are gone, my blackcurrants are gone, my cherries are gone and my apples aren’t there yet.)

See you on the 11th for registration, and on the 12th for the Show!

A Month To Go…

We’re just a month away from the 24th Show, so now’s the time to think about getting photos printed off in time if you’re sending them off. Don’t forget you can download the schedules here, or just have a browse through the classes using the menu at the top of the site. If your children are now off school and already twiddling their thumbs, have a look at some of the junior categories to see if there’s something they can have a go at entering. I know I’m always amazed by the quality of our youth entries. If you’re new to the show, have a read of our “how to enter” page for more information.

2017 Show Classes Complete

The 2017 show categories are now all decided and in place.

Section F (adult handicrafts) has had a bit of an overhaul so if you’re thinking of entering something there, please double check the page because things have changed since last year.

Gardeners – we’ve also added a “Wonky Veg” category (C20) to the fruit & veg section.

As usual, there’s plenty for the youngsters to get involved in – with a handicraft section, an art section, and for our really young villagers we’ve got the picture templates that make the community centre walls so colourful.

We haven’t finalised our wonderful sponsors yet, so we can’t offer the schedule to download, but as soon as it’s available, we’ll let you know. You can grab an entry form though if you’re really keen.

The 2016 Show

28918364532_bf5c2a6ca5_kThe 2016 show is now over. Liz has typed up her summary and all that remains is for me to add the winners to the site.

Photos are here, but due to ill health, we didn’t get any afternoon photos at all, so if you have anything you’d like to share, get in touch via the contact form. Feedback especially!

Congratulations to all who entered or supported us in delivering the show. From raffle tickets, to donations, to lifting & shifting, this was a great community effort.

Well done everyone!


Weaverham Community Orchard

Every day’s a school day as my wife often tells me. But recently I found out what that meant when I did a bit more digging (pardon the pun) into the Weaverham community orchard project. This non-profit making local charity has begun to create a community orchard in Thorn Wood with a view to reviving the Wareham Russet apple and creating a community space in memory of those who fought in the two World Wars, as well as those who have fought in more recent conflict. There are currently over 40 saplings in the ground with another 40+ planned for July. If you fancy a visit, it’s on the road between Weaverham & Hartford – just past the railway underpass on the right as you head out of Weaverham, but they are also going to have a stand at the show this year.


Their website has a lot of fascinating apple related information – as well as some very interesting tidbits of local history and is well worth a visit when you have 5 minutes for a cuppa. And if you want to know a bit more, then feel free to drop in at the Weaverham & Acton Bridge village show on 13th August and visit their stand.


Thorn Wood and the surrounding land is a real undiscovered gem of the village. A peaceful place to take a wander, and I think this is a great addition to the local community. I think once these trees reach maturity, the Weaverham Community Orchard will be a really pleasant spot for families to visit. As to the Wassailing… well, I had to look it up!


Calling All Younger Visitors

20150801-_DSF0662Hi everyone. It’s been a busy time at Show HQ with work on our 2016 schedule. We’re now finally done and you can download the entry form or full schedule here, or explore the classes from here.

One thing that always strikes me as amazing, is the quality of entries from our younger villagers and there are trophies to be won in many categories. With half-term coming it’s a great thing to get stuck into on a wet day. The show is now 12-and-a-bit weeks off, so there’s still time to get something growing for the Brian Jewkes trophy (for class C21), or maybe even begin work on an airfix kit (for class G5) – where there is no age restriction – so mums, dads, friends and grandparents can help with the trickier jobs!

That said, we have specific entries for our younger visitors…

For those who like colouring in, we supply simple A4 templates in our Junior Art section. (You can download them here) And for those who like to create from scratch, we have a full junior handcraft section here.

So why not get your younger family members involved this half-term? Have a look around the junior section and see if there’s anything that might pique their interests.

Some New Classes

Right folks,

This year at the Weaverham & Acton Bridge show, we will see a couple of new classes appear to try and get some more creative juices flowing. The precise wording of these classes are TBA at the moment, but I thought I’d give all our readers a heads up! Best check the schedule when it’s finalised to be clear.

In the Domestic produce class, we’re adding chocolate brownies, probably four, but if you want to bring five and leave one at the door for Ian, that would be absolutely fine. Unfortunately I don’t go anywhere near domestic judging so I can’t put in a good word for you, but rest assured, I’ll be thinking of you!

In the Flower section we’re adding a vase of annuals. I had to go to the RHS website to find out what that meant (you can read more here.)

gladioliIn the Veg & Fruit section we’re strongly considering adding cherry tomatoes for those of you who grow them. What constitutes a cherry is up for debate, but Liz is going to get a proper definition from the judge for the schedule. “Smaller than normal ones” is probably a good guess, and will (I think) include small plum tomatoes as well.

Finally, at the committee meeting last night, there was an interesting discussion regarding Gladioli and the low number of entries we see each year. I’m therefore going to have a go at growing one or two merely to give our incumbent winner a run for his trowel and also to try and promote the humble Gladioli which – according to this article – is not de rigueur at the moment. Should you all wish to take up the challenge, get your bulbs in now!

The site should start to see a bit more action over the coming months as we gear up for the summer show. Don’t forget to mark out the calendar for the 13th (it’s a bit later this year) and maybe try and encourage a friend or two to have a go at one of the classes if they don’t already.

Enjoy Spring. Not sure what happened to winter, but I’m hoping for less rain and a bit more sunshine.

Take care, see you all soon!