Christmas almost here…

ICTX4210Well Christmas is on the way, and here at Weaverham Show HQ everyone’s been enjoying a few months off. Come January though, we’ll be firing up the grey matter, warming up the blu-tack and beginning to start work on planning the 2015 show.

One of the first jobs is getting the photographic categories organised, and to that end we’ve asked for submissions on our front page (here). Remember that this is a great time of year for photography as there’s lots of colour out there. The cold mornings can really create some nice mist and frost, and whilst we’ve yet to see any snow, we’ve had some beautiful light in the morning & evening with the low sun throwing some dramatic shadows. January will be our deadline for suggestions as we need to get the themes in the Weaverham News to give everyone a chance to get their photos done in time for August.

So if you can, please do take the time to give us some ideas. You don’t need an email address to submit themes, and we’ve had some great topics sent through so far. The form has three categories but if you have more ideas, please contact us using the contact form. We’d really like to see the community help with these themes as it gives people a chance to shoot something that’s interesting to them.

Finally, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & New Year. Let’s make the 2015 show the best ever!

Have a Cool Yule!