St Mary’s Christmas Tree Festival

Hi folks,

Well – it’s December, and Christmas is just around the corner. Hope you haven’t suffered too much damage due to the poor weather recently! We lost our guttering, but as it was ready to fall off anyway, the wind just brought things forward a bit.

This coming weekend sees the opening of St Mary’s Christmas Tree festival, at which the Show will be displaying a tree with home made decorations. It only lasts for this coming weekend so if you want to pop down to the church to see the handiwork of local businesses and community organisations, then you can visit on Friday/Saturday (11/12 Dec) between 3 & 8pm where festive refreshments will be served, or if you’re in a singing mood, then Sunday 13th @ 4pm might be a better time with festive carols for all the family.

Have a safe and lovely Christmas everyone. We’ll be back in the New Year. Although I may post some photos of out Christmas tree. Especially if there is a Blu-Tack decoration.