Class A – The Flower Section

ICT_val_rose1These are the classes for the Weaverham & Acton Bridge village show 2018 flower section judged by Ann Harrison. The Laurels Cup is awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in this section.

Class A1     Three stems of Gladioli

Class A2      A vase or bowl of Dahlias (Any variety or varieties)

Class A3      A vase of Sweet Peas – 6 stems (any variety or varieties)

Class A4      6 Fuschia flower heads on a board (any variety or varieties)

Class A5      A vase of annuals

Class A6      A vase of perennials

Class A7      One flowering pot plant

Class A8      One foliage pot plant

Class A9      A  single stem of a flowering shrub

Class A10   An Orchid plant