Class H – The Photography Section

The committee have decided on the topics for the 2017 show.ICT_weaverham_hartford

  • Class H1 : Barons Quay
  • Class H2 : Machinery
  • Class H3 : My Companion
  • Class H4 : Tracks
  • Classs H5 : Fashion
  • Class H6 : Close Up
  • Class H7 : A Weather Scene*

*Class H7 is for the Weaverham Trust Award and the winner will receive the Peter Millington trophy.

All photographs must be unframed and no larger than A4 (including any mount). All classes are open to photographers of any age.

There’s also a trophy available for the best exhibit in classes H1 – H6 – The Ian Houghton trophy. So grab your cameras or dig out your best shots and have a go! The only restriction (other than the topic/theme) is that any photo that has won a prize in a previous show may not be re-entered.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not take a wander over to Flickr and search for the themes?

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