Classes for Junior Handicraft Section (L)

An item of pottery or clay modelling
Class L1 Age 4 -7 yrs, Class L2 Age 8 -11 yrs, Class L3 Age 12 -16 yrs

An item using modelling material other than clay
Class L4 Age 4 -7 yrs, Class L5 Age 8 -11 yrs, Class L6 Age 12 -16 yrs

An item using a needle and thread
Class L7 Age 4 -7 yrs, Class L8 Age 8 -11yrs , Class L9 Age 12 -16 yrs

A picture using any medium
Class L10 Age 4 -7 yrs, Class L11 Age 8 -11yrs

Any other Handicraft Item
Class L12 Age 4 – 7yrs, Class L13 Age 8 -11 yrs, Class L14 Age 12-16 y

A toy made from any material
Class L15 Age 4 -16yrs

And finally, Class L16 – Weaverham Trust Junior Shield for any age up to and including 16yrs.

Garden in a jar or tray (max size 12.5/17.5cm/5x7inches)

A Village Show representative will be visiting all schools with a full show schedule nearer the show date and will then arrange a suitable time to collect all the pupils entries for the show including the Trust entries.  Children can enter on an individual basis or via their school.

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