Class L – Junior Handicraft Section

An item of pottery or clay modelling
Class L1 Age 4 -7 yrs, Class L2 Age 8 -11 yrs, Class L3 Age 12 -16 yrs

An item using modelling material other than clay
Class L4 Age 4 -7 yrs, Class L5 Age 8 -11 yrs, Class L6 Age 12 -16 yrs

An item using a needle and thread
Class L7 Age 4 -7 yrs, Class L8 Age 8 -11yrs , Class L9 Age 12 -16 yrs

A picture using any medium
Class L10 Age 4 -7 yrs, Class L11 Age 8 -11yrs

Any other Handicraft Item
Class L12 Age 4 – 7yrs, Class L13 Age 8 -11 yrs, Class L14 Age 12-16 y

A toy made from any material
Class L15 Age 4 -16yrs

And finally, Class L16 – Weaverham Trust Junior Shield for any age up to and including 16yrs.

‘A picture of “Our House”’

The Weaverham Trust awards and presents a Trophy to the child with the best entry in this class.  As with all classes, the Show Committee awards rosettes and place cards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and Highly Commended.  The Trust will include some of the best entries in the quarterly Weaverham News.

The entry criteria are as follows:

  • The children’s work must fit within the black frame on the proforma supplied (we have provided an electronic copy to help ensure good reproduction). Get it here in the downloads section.
  • Entries must be submitted on the form supplied.
  • Please ensure that the child’s name & school is written on the reverse of the entry. This ensures we can identify the winner!

A Village Show representative will be visiting all schools with a full show schedule nearer the show date and will then arrange a suitable time to collect all the pupils entries for the show including the Trust entries.

Full show details will be included in the May/June edition of the Weaverham News.

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