Welcome to the Download section of the website. Here you can download templates, entry forms and the schedule as they become available. If you have trouble with the format, please let us know via the contact form and we can sort something out.

Entry Forms & Schedule

The entry form is A5 sized (half of A4), so 2 forms are there on one piece of paper. Please cut the page in half before submitting your form(s)


  • The Schedule for the 2019 show : TBA
  • Just the 2019 entry form : TBA


If you’re not able to physically get hold of a copy of the templates, you can download them here. Please make sure they are printed out on A4 sized paper.

  • Class L16 Template: TBA
  • Class K1 Template (5yrs & under): TBA
  • Class K2 Template (6-8yrs): TBA
  • Class K3 Template (9-11yrs): TBA