Kicking Off 2015 With The Photography Categories


Welcome to 2015! The Weaverham Show tentatively got back on the road last night with the first committee meeting of the year. Pencils were sharpened and notes were taken, and the first order of business was to agree the 2015 Photography categories. So here they are! We don’t have a Weaverham Trust category just yet but the normal categories are as follows.

In The Woods



A Toy Story



So now we can all get shooting for the show this year. As an additional note, we get around 150 photos entered every year and that breaks down to anywhere from half a dozen photos per category to upwards of 30-40. Please consider entering your photos this year as I want to take up more wall space with your images.

As soon as we have the Weaverham Trust category I’ll update you all, but this news should be published in the first edition of the Weaverham news for 2015.

Happy snapping!