Weaverham Community Orchard

Every day’s a school day as my wife often tells me. But recently I found out what that meant when I did a bit more digging (pardon the pun) into the Weaverham community orchard project. This non-profit making local charity has begun to create a community orchard in Thorn Wood with a view to reviving the Wareham Russet apple and creating a community space in memory of those who fought in the two World Wars, as well as those who have fought in more recent conflict. There are currently over 40 saplings in the ground with another 40+ planned for July. If you fancy a visit, it’s on the road between Weaverham & Hartford – just past the railway underpass on the right as you head out of Weaverham, but they are also going to have a stand at the show this year.


Their website has a lot of fascinating apple related information – as well as some very interesting tidbits of local history and is well worth a visit when you have 5 minutes for a cuppa. And if you want to know a bit more, then feel free to drop in at the Weaverham & Acton Bridge village show on 13th August and visit their stand.


Thorn Wood and the surrounding land is a real undiscovered gem of the village. A peaceful place to take a wander, and I think this is a great addition to the local community. I think once these trees reach maturity, the Weaverham Community Orchard will be a really pleasant spot for families to visit. As to the Wassailing… well, I had to look it up!


Calling All Younger Visitors

20150801-_DSF0662Hi everyone. It’s been a busy time at Show HQ with work on our 2016 schedule. We’re now finally done and you can download the entry form or full schedule here, or explore the classes from here.

One thing that always strikes me as amazing, is the quality of entries from our younger villagers and there are trophies to be won in many categories. With half-term coming it’s a great thing to get stuck into on a wet day. The show is now 12-and-a-bit weeks off, so there’s still time to get something growing for the Brian Jewkes trophy (for class C21), or maybe even begin work on an airfix kit (for class G5) – where there is no age restriction – so mums, dads, friends and grandparents can help with the trickier jobs!

That said, we have specific entries for our younger visitors…

For those who like colouring in, we supply simple A4 templates in our Junior Art section. (You can download them here) And for those who like to create from scratch, we have a full junior handcraft section here.

So why not get your younger family members involved this half-term? Have a look around the junior section and see if there’s anything that might pique their interests.

Some New Classes

Right folks,

This year at the Weaverham & Acton Bridge show, we will see a couple of new classes appear to try and get some more creative juices flowing. The precise wording of these classes are TBA at the moment, but I thought I’d give all our readers a heads up! Best check the schedule when it’s finalised to be clear.

In the Domestic produce class, we’re adding chocolate brownies, probably four, but if you want to bring five and leave one at the door for Ian, that would be absolutely fine. Unfortunately I don’t go anywhere near domestic judging so I can’t put in a good word for you, but rest assured, I’ll be thinking of you!

In the Flower section we’re adding a vase of annuals. I had to go to the RHS website to find out what that meant (you can read more here.)

gladioliIn the Veg & Fruit section we’re strongly considering adding cherry tomatoes for those of you who grow them. What constitutes a cherry is up for debate, but Liz is going to get a proper definition from the judge for the schedule. “Smaller than normal ones” is probably a good guess, and will (I think) include small plum tomatoes as well.

Finally, at the committee meeting last night, there was an interesting discussion regarding Gladioli and the low number of entries we see each year. I’m therefore going to have a go at growing one or two merely to give our incumbent winner a run for his trowel and also to try and promote the humble Gladioli which – according to this article – is not de rigueur at the moment. Should you all wish to take up the challenge, get your bulbs in now!

The site should start to see a bit more action over the coming months as we gear up for the summer show. Don’t forget to mark out the calendar for the 13th (it’s a bit later this year) and maybe try and encourage a friend or two to have a go at one of the classes if they don’t already.

Enjoy Spring. Not sure what happened to winter, but I’m hoping for less rain and a bit more sunshine.

Take care, see you all soon!

2016 Show Photo Categories

The committee met this week and the photographic categories for the 2016 Weaverham & Acton Bridge village show have been decided!

Many thanks to those of you who submitted your ideas.

We’ll be deciding on the specific classes later, but for now…

ICTX4955Out Of Place


The Tree

Farm Animals

A Coastal Scene

Dressing Up

And the Weaverham Trust category is “Scene From A Local Footpath“.

Your prints must be no larger than A4, and may be mounted, but mustn’t be framed, or have been a winner of previous show entries. All entries must be from amateur photographers too.

Last Call For Photo Categories…


Happy New Year everyone!

January sees the committee making a decision on the photographic categories for the show so that we can give you all plenty of time to hunt out your favourites, or better still – go shoot something just for the show.

We’ve been tracking the categories for a few years now and are trying to come up with new themes whilst still trying to keep things as open as possible. Topics such as “A Bridge”, “Reflections” and “Cheshire” have been well supported with less broad categories such as “A Toy Story”, “Grandparents” and “A Celebration” not being quite so successful.

Please help us out by providing us with some themes we can consider. Or we could end up with “Rear View” like we had in 2011 – which might be worth another run out just to see the entries. You can suggest themes here, and you don’t have to leave any contact details and no information about you is stored on the site.

As soon as the categories are agreed upon, we’ll update the site and the next edition of the Weaverham News should carry the information too.

Roll on 2016!

Christmas Is Almost Here…

So the efforts of the committee came together this evening with the setup of the Weaverham Show Christmas tree. If you’re going to St Mary’s to have a look round, please stop by the table and have a flick through the 2015 schedule to give you an idea of what you might be able to enter in the 2016 show. Or you could just have a look at the tree for some ideas!


It’s a really creative effort with knitted carrots, hand sewn mini quilts, festive bunting, miniature spoons & tables and…


Stained glass biscuits!!

Yes. They do exist! And yes. They are real actual biscuits! The author would not mislead you and in the interests of accurate journalism was forced to sample both the biscuits and the gingerbread men. They were delicious! My unreserved apologies go out to the baker and her chief tester for ever doubting the existence of such things.

The church looks amazing with some brilliant trees brought in/made & decorated by various local community groups and it was a lovely atmosphere. It isn’t possible to mention them all here, so please go along and have a look. I was definitely surprised by the amount of different organisations dotted around the village. The festival is open on Saturday 12th December from 10am through until 3pm for you to have a look round, but what sounds really inviting is the carol service at 4pm on Sunday 13th December, which will be a short service lit by the Christmas tree lights.

Have a wonderful Christmas. We’ll be getting back to you in the new year with the build up to the 2016 show.






St Mary’s Christmas Tree Festival

Hi folks,

Well – it’s December, and Christmas is just around the corner. Hope you haven’t suffered too much damage due to the poor weather recently! We lost our guttering, but as it was ready to fall off anyway, the wind just brought things forward a bit.

This coming weekend sees the opening of St Mary’s Christmas Tree festival, at which the Show will be displaying a tree with home made decorations. It only lasts for this coming weekend so if you want to pop down to the church to see the handiwork of local businesses and community organisations, then you can visit on Friday/Saturday (11/12 Dec) between 3 & 8pm where festive refreshments will be served, or if you’re in a singing mood, then Sunday 13th @ 4pm might be a better time with festive carols for all the family.

Have a safe and lovely Christmas everyone. We’ll be back in the New Year. Although I may post some photos of out Christmas tree. Especially if there is a Blu-Tack decoration.


Part of the community…



Well November is here and with Halloween out of the way, bonfire night is on top of us and Christmas is not so very far away. It’s been a mild Autumn so far, but there is still a wonderful array of colour to be seen out and about around the village.

And speaking of the village, did you know that the Weaverham Parish Council has a website? It’s here if you’re interested and does detail a lot of the work they do. With 6,000 residents in the village, it’s interesting to note that only around 3% of them ether the show every year. Perhaps you could speak to a neighbour and get them interested?

Another interesting community site I’ve recently discovered is Streetlife. You put your postcode in and register with an email address and it behaves as a geographical social network, allowing you to keep in touch with events/things close to where you live. There are a lot of people asking for recommended handy(wo)men and trustworthy places to take cars, as well as local events happening close to you. Also, we have our very own Weaverham Trust site (the folks behind the Weaverham News) where you can download copies of past magazines or even the most recent one (coming to a doormat near you soon!).

Finally, here at HQ you’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone is taking a well earned break before planning for the 2016 show commences in January. The committee is hard at work though. Peter is doing some wood turning, Joy is busy crocheting pea pods and carrots, Pat is sewing bunting and Liz is making gingerbread men and stained glass window biscuits. Ian is just standing around with wire cutters at the moment, but in December all will be revealed when the Weaverham & Acton Bridge show joins other groups, businesses and schools from around Weaverham in decorating a Christmas tree for the St Mary’s Christmas Tree Festival.

If you’re interested in coming along and seeing more of the fantastic creativity, keep an eye on the site here. I’ll post the dates as soon as they’re official.

Oh, and Liz… Stained glass biscuits….? UhHKGzs

Winners and Conclusions Posted…

It’s done. The trophy winners and all placed entries for the 2015 show are now on the website. You can find Liz’s comments here and a full winners list here. You can just start typing in the search box if you’re looking for a name in particular. Looking back to the 2014 show it’s interesting to see the hotly contested categories with winners and 2nd place swapping in a number of areas.

It was all entered by hand and my fat fingers may have made an error on spellings, so please let me know if I’ve messed up!

Photos from the day are on Flickr so if you have any pics that are show related that you’d like to add to the site, drop us a line through the contact form and we’ll be in touch to get them uploaded. Don’t forget, if you’re photographically minded, we’re also after suggestions for the next show themes (submit ideas here.)

Thanks again everyone! Feet-up time now.


Done & Dusted – A Big Thankyou!

20150801-_DSF0662So we’re all done and dusted and the 2015 show is all over.

There are so many people to thank…

Did you come and see the show and buy a raffle ticket or make a donation? Thankyou! Raffle money is a significant contribution to the funds for next years show and without it, we’d be stretched to afford all the bits and bobs (and blu-tack!) that make things run so smoothly. Every pound is much appreciated and we’re completely reliant on the generosity of the community to fund the show year after year.

Did you take the time to enter something? Give up a bit of your Friday night to come down and enter, pay your entry fee, then get out of bed early on Saturday to bring your exhibit down? Thankyou! Without the entries we’d have no show. This year, the community centre was full of colour. From the flowers, to the photos to the art and the handicrafts. Such a huge display of talent from across the whole spectrum of creativity.

Did you sponsor the show or donate a raffle prize? Thankyou! As I said above. Without some form of income, the show would not go on! All our volunteers are unpaid, but unfortunately some things cost money. We’re losing our Horticultural Society sponsorship for 2016, so things will be even tighter. Your contributions are essential to keeping us going.

Did you donate time and energy to make the show happen? Thankyou! From staying behind at the end to pull blu-tack off the walls, to hoofing great big tables back to their homes across Weaverham. Without our volunteers, we simply wouldn’t be able to make this happen. Starting Friday night, the physical work didn’t stop until Saturday night when hopefully you all got home to a nice pair of slippers and a cold drink of your choice.

Did you work in the kitchens? From supplying our volunteers with tea & coffee, to laying on a fantastic lunch for our judges and sponsors. Completely behind the scenes, yet absolutely essential to a big part of the show. Thankyou for all your hard work!

Did you judge an exhibit? Thankyou! As a temporary steward this year, I got an insight into just how difficult it is to judge exhibits. A lot of work went in to them, and speaking to a judge, I understood just how tough it can be to differentiate “excellent” from “excellent”. Someone has to win, and many people don’t – but that’s not because their entries are poor.

Did you work on the committee? Thankyou! Without the scurrying back and forth over the village – trying to get the best prices for services, storing all the things needed for the show, making difficult decisions on blu-tack quantities (this isn’t going to ever die Joy) and putting up with my stupid questions and suggestions the show would be chaos incarnate.

It was wonderful to hear people excited to discover they had won. One lad, extremely excited to win a junior section, had a  look  of delight on his face as he said “I came first!”. Another lady punched the air as she left the centre! Good for you whoever you are.

Over the next week or so, I’ll get some photos up and also the ever important results. So please feel free to drop us an email or use the contact form with your feedback. We’ll take a well earned break until the Winter now, but we’re interested to hear what you thought, and of course, if you have any suggestions for photo categories for next year. I’ve also set up a Flickr account for the show as the website photo hosting isn’t great. If you want me to put any of your photos up, please email me at ian (at) weaverhamshow.co.uk with your details and I’ll make sure you get full credit.

See you soon.

And Thankyou all.