Pansies & Boards…

PansiesYou may have noticed that the Flower Section has a couple of categories where flowers are “on a board”. What does this mean?

I asked one of our horticultural experts and she gave me an example method for displaying Pansies. To get started, you will need:

  • A piece of wood, or an ice cream container or a cardboard box (or shoebox).
  • Black poster paints or acrylic paints.
  • 6 used film canisters with lids.

Make 6 holes on board, box or container to your fit film canister.
Paint your board, box or container with the black paint.
When it is dry put the canisters into holes so that they fit just proud of the top of your board, box or container and make hole in the centre of the lid big enough for the Pansy stalk to fit through.
On the day of the show, fill the canisters with water and put the tops on putting your Pansy through the hole in the top!
Good luck with your entries. This is a lovely class as the Pansies always look so cheerful!