Presenting Your Potatoes (or any other veg…)

Well folks, I’ve been off my feet for the last 5 weeks with a pair of crutches and an instruction to keep my foot above my heart, so the Show updates have almost stopped. One of our gardening experts though as dropped a few “top tips” over to me, which I’ll duly pass on.


  • Read the schedule. Four first class onions will not win if the schedule says five.
  • Lift root veg close to Show day and be sure to include every bit of fine root -for showing – presentation is everything.
  • Wash root veg well. Long roots like carrots should be wiped around rather than along their length. A kitchen sponge can be used with care. Scratches will not show on a wet item but when dry will spoil the appearance.
  • Arrange your exhibits to look their best  for instance with 3 carrots put best in the middle, tie stems with raffia or string and cut them off to same length.
  • Sit shallots on a plate of dry sand and onions on small rings.

So that’s it. Useful advice for those that weren’t aware!

We’re two weeks away from the show now, and the signs should be going up around the village. If anyone can snap one for me to put on the site, I’d be grateful, as I’m not going to be out and about much until the show probably.

See you on the 13th! Or maybe the 12th if you come and register when I’m booking in. Instructions for entering can be found on the Take Part page, and as usual, you can download the schedule which has all the information.

Or you can pick up a paper copy from one of the local shops!