Weaverham Trust Categories are In!

ICTX4504-EditWell the Weaverham Trust have chosen the category for the 2015 show. The Trust category has its own shield – the Peter Millington Trophy.

This year, it’s a Photo Montage!

This could be quite a wide category, and a quick search on Google turns up many different styles of photo, from collages to Hockney style montages. The size of the montage is up for discussion within the committee, but an increase form 10×8 to A4 for this section is being discussed. We’ll have more news after the next meeting in March.

So that’s all the photography categories for this year. I’m hoping to knock up a couple of articles on resizing prints, framing them, and actually getting physical printing done (if you don’t have a printer) over the next couple of months. The 2014 show saw a few entries that were larger than the 10×8 specified for the show, so getting your images the right size is crucial!

See you soon!

The updates begin…!

ICT_white_roseSo with the Weaverham News receiving some information, we thought it would be time for a minor site update.

The Photography classes have now been decided, to give us all time to start snapping or looking through albums so that we get plenty of entries. The classes are 1) A Bridge 2) Windows and Doors 3) Fancy Dress 4) Grandparent(s) 5)” Red White and Blue” and 6) Cheshire. The Weaverham Trust class is for a colour photograph of “Village Wildlife” which must have details of when and where it was taken. So that gives us all seven classes to have a go at. It was a brilliant section of the Show last year so hopefully it will be just as good this year if not better! Head over to the Photography section of the website for more information.

We shall also have our usual sections for Flowers and Vegetables, Flower Arranging, Domestic Produce, Handicrafts, Woodwork and Art.

This year we have a new Trophy:- The “Bryan Jewkes Trophy” This will be awarded to “A young gardener for any vegetable or vegetables grown by an under 16 year old“. This could range from a marrow to a bunch of carrots. The only criteria is that it must be grown by that young person.

Don’t forget that the show is open to anyone who is resident in Weaverham and Acton Bridge and the junior classes are also open to any pupil who attends a Weaverham School. As the schedule becomes available we will update this site with more information.

Oh – and one last thing : Last year we were a bit low on Art so if you or any of your family are creative – why not have a look at the Art classes?

Any questions – drop us a line via the contact form.