Less Than 2 Weeks To Go!


The Blu-Tack is being warmed, the sun will hopefully stay with us for a couple more weeks, and the army of volunteers are ready to get cracking. None of this would be worth it without your entries though, so now is the time to start thinking about getting involved this year. There’s something for everyone to enter – though I shall steer clear of baking anything. With no entry for fish finger sandwiches, I’ll be restricting myself to what I’m better than average at.

If you’ve grown something in your garden, why not have a go at something in the Fruit & Veg section. Even cherries or other fruit from trees/bushes can enter in the “plate of any other fruit”. Maybe you’ve got some nice roses, or any other flowers that are looking particularly pretty this time of year. Or perhaps you’re better at domestic produce. Like I said, it’s not my area, although I am still campaigning for a job as a judge in this section. Unfortunately, my only qualification is that I like eating…

Do you have a camera? Or even a mobile phone with a camera? The image quality from modern cameras built into phones is amazing. As you’re out and about, bear in mind the photographic topics for this year. They’re quite general themes, but remember to allow time to get them printed. The max size for your images (including mount) is A4.

Maybe you’re more into art or handcrafts. Last year, we had some amazing entries in the Art section (but bear in mind that they need to be supplied with hooks & string as well as entered slightly earlier to allow our team to get them all hung). Along with sections for traditional handcrafts, as well as metalwork & woodwork, we’ve added a model made of any material, including kits – so why not pop down to the model shop in Northwich and grab an Airfix kit? Show the kids that there is something to do that doesn’t involve a screen!

Speaking of the younger members of our community, there’s plenty for them too. As the schools have now broken up, why not encourage them to use some of that downtime to enter one of the junior categories? If you’re under 12, we have some pictures you can colour in and if you’re under 16 there are plenty of categories to look at for the handier youngsters. All junior entries are free, so what’s to lose?

Entering the show is easy. Just download an entry form (or the full schedule) from here. Have a skim through the rules. Fill out your entry form and bring it, along with 25p per entry (unless you’re under 16 – in which case it’s free!) to the community centre on Friday 31st July. On Saturday morning, fetch your exhibits in, then come back and 2pm to see how you did. Trophies and cups are awarded at 4pm with the raffle shortly after.

It’s a great way to get involved in the community and see how talented the local people of Weaverham & Acton Bridge really are.

See you in a couple of weeks!


Weaverham Trust Junior Shield

The Weaverham Trust works to ensure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic and public interest within the Weaverham village.

To achieve this objective the Trust:
• Informs the public of the geography, history, natural history and architecture of the Weaverham area.
• Promotes high standards of planning and architecture within the Parish, acting as a coordinating body between local authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and persons having aims similar to those of the Trust.

Last year we introduced a new Weaverham Trust category to the annual Village Show and the entries supplied by the children were great. We would like to continue with the new Trust category this year.
The entries for the Weaverham Trust category (L16) in 2014 should depict:

“My Favourite Insect or Bird”

To celebrate the children’s efforts we will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd winning rosettes. The Trust will also include some of the best entries in the quarterly Weaverham News.

The entry criteria are as follows:
• Pictures must fit within the black frame on the proforma supplied (this year we are providing an electronic copy to help ensure good reproduction. Download this here.).
• Pictures must be black and white.
• All entries must be submitted on the form supplied.
• There is no limit on the number of entries your school can submit.

Pupil entries should be handed to the Village Show representative who will collect all school Show entries during the first 2 weeks of July 2014. Other junior entries in this class can enter on the day before the show (more info here)

The show will be held in the Community Centre on Saturday 2nd August 2014 and full show details will be included in the May/June edition of the Weaverham News. However if, in the meantime, you have any queries, please contact the show committee here.
The Trust would like to thank you for your support of this venture.

John Wilson
Weaverham Trust

The Victoria Sponge

Use 2 hens eggs. They won't mind!

Use 2 hens eggs. They won’t mind!

The Victoria Sponge is a well contested entry to the show so we asked some experts what tips they had…

Use 2 large hen eggs and the required amount of flour, sugar and fat (of your choice) from your usual recipe. Fill the sponge with jam only – do not use cream/buttercream. The schedule states no decoration – this means no icing, icing sugar or anything else – the judge wants to see just a plain cake.

Here’s a good tip. When your cake is cooked and you want to cool it, probably using a wire rack, don’t put the top of your cake onto the rack which may result in a grid pattern as the cake cools.  This could be classed as decoration and could be disqualified because of the lines.  As said above, the judge just wants to see a nice, plain, lovely looking sponge – golden and so tempting to eat!

Now all we need to do is start a petition to allow the visitors to the show to actually sample the wonderful delights in the Domestic Produce section! Let us have cake!

Pansies & Boards…

PansiesYou may have noticed that the Flower Section has a couple of categories where flowers are “on a board”. What does this mean?

I asked one of our horticultural experts and she gave me an example method for displaying Pansies. To get started, you will need:

  • A piece of wood, or an ice cream container or a cardboard box (or shoebox).
  • Black poster paints or acrylic paints.
  • 6 used film canisters with lids.

Make 6 holes on board, box or container to your fit film canister.
Paint your board, box or container with the black paint.
When it is dry put the canisters into holes so that they fit just proud of the top of your board, box or container and make hole in the centre of the lid big enough for the Pansy stalk to fit through.
On the day of the show, fill the canisters with water and put the tops on putting your Pansy through the hole in the top!
Good luck with your entries. This is a lovely class as the Pansies always look so cheerful!

Information is coming…

IMG_0948Well we made it into the latest Weaverham News edition, which is good news. Hopefully some of you may be reading this after reading about our website in the latest issue. So feel free to have a look around and see if there’s anything that piques your interest.

We’re starting to populate the site with all the classes from the 2014 schedule and it would be great if judges, previous winners, or placed entries, have any tips or hints for what makes a winning entry. Use the contact form to get in touch and we can print your article!

Don’t forget you can sign up for updates using the button in the top left corner. Just enter your email address and you’ll be notified of new posts or articles.





Hi there and welcome to the Weaverham & Acton Bridge show website. This is a new site and we’re getting ready to populate it with lots of information about the 2014 show to be held on Saturday 2nd August.

There’s plenty to do in terms of putting information up on the site and we’d like to see lots of pictures too! So if you’re interested in submitting small images that we can use around the text here, please use the contact form to let us know. You’ll retain full ownership of your images, and if you provide the information, we can add a credit to you as the photographer.

There’s still a fair bit of work to do in populating the site, so don’t worry if it all seems a bit empty at the moment. If you want to subscribe to updates via email, just click those three horizontal bars in the top left corner. The plan will be to have copies of entry forms and the Schedule as well as other useful downloads.

You’ll also notice some “like” and “share” buttons below. If you want to publicise the site via Facebook, Twitter or other social network, please do! Anything that helps us promote or publicise the site would be most appreciated.