The 22nd Show, Winners

Here’s a list of the winners for the 22nd Weaverham & Acton Bridge Show held on 1st August 2015. First up, the Trophy and Cup winners…

The Laurels Cup is presented to the exhibitor gaining the most points in the Flower Section
Winners Name: Fred Stretch

The Gwyneth Clarke Rose Bowl is presented to the Best Exhibit in the Rose Section
Winners Name: Kathryn Palin

The Cara Cup is presented to the exhibitor gaining most points in Vegetable and Fruit Sections
Winners Name: Joyce Tilston

The Bryan Jewkes Trophy is presented for the Best Exhibit by a ‘Young Gardener’ in class C20
Winners Name: Kacey Griffin

The Henderson Cup is presented for the Best Exhibit in the Floral Arrangement section
Winners Name: Margaret Hitchin

Weaverham Community Centre Plate is presented for the Best Exhibit in Domestic Sections E1 to E8
Winners Name: Sybil Turner

The K & K. Southern Trophy is presented for Best Exhibit in Domestic Sections E9 to E15
Winners Name: Elizabeth Gidley

The Madge Sutton Trophy is awarded for Best Exhibit in the Adult Handicraft Section
Winners Name: Annette Jameson

The Brian Wilson Cup is presented for the Best Exhibit in the Wood Craft Section
Winners Name: Steve Robinson

The Ian Houghton Trophy is awarded to the Best Exhibit in the Photographic Section
Winners Name: Peter Manning

The Peter Millington Memorial Trophy sponsored by Weaverham Trust is awarded in 2014 to the Best Exhibit of “A Photograph of ‘Village Wildlife’
Winners Name: Andrew Ball

The Eileen and Julian Bland Salver is presented to the Best Exhibit in the Art Section J1
Winners Name: Brigitte Watkinson

The Arthur Walmsley Salver is presented to the Best Exhibit in the Art Sections J2 and J3
Winners Name: John Spanton

The Peter Banks Trophy is presented to the Best Exhibit in the Junior Art Section J4 to J7
Winners Name: Chelsea Perona

The Jean Ross Trophy is presented to the Best Exhibit in Children’s Classes K1 to K3
Winners Name: Debbie-Leigh Kennerley

The Latham Cup is presented to the Best Exhibit in Junior Handicraft Classes L1 to L14
Winners Name: Ashleigh Van Embden

Weaverham Trust Junior Shield is presented to the Best Exhibit in Class L16
Winners Name: Scarlett Stapleton

The Russet Shield is presented to the Best Junior Exhibit in the Show
Winners Name: Benedict & Conrad Clenton

The Weaverham Parish Council Shield is presented to the Best Exhibit in the Show
Winners Name: Margaret Hitchin – Item: Flower Arrangement

All the placed positions for all the categories are shown below. Gaps in the lettering are due to no entries in that category. (not included here to save space!)


A1 Three stems of GladioliF Stretch
A2 Vase of Dahlias (any variety)F StretchV Buck
A3 Vase of Sweet Peas 6 stems (any variety)E GidleyS WalshC Macritchie
A4 6 Fuchsia flower heads on a Board (any variety)S WalshS WalshD Stockall
A6 Vase Of PerennialsE GidleyR ShinkfieldF Stretch
A7 One Flowering Pot PlantR SladeF StretchS Hornby
A8 One Foliage Pot PlantP WhyteP WhyteP Whyte
A9 A Single Stem of a Flowering ShrubM GorrillR PalinK Palin
A10 An Orchid PlantM Hitchin
B1 Vase of 3 Roses (any variety )D WhitneyV OliverD Whitney
B2 Single Stem Rose (any variety)K PalinD WhitneyM Eardley
C1 Three PotatoesJ BlakeJ TilstonJ Tilston
C3 Three TomatoesS Griffin
C4 Six Runner BeansG GidleyB LewisJ Street
C5 Six Dwarf French BeansD Batterton
C6 Three Onions (UNDER 8oz each)P BlakeJ TilstonJ Blake
C8 One CucumberS Griffin
C9 Three Carrots (three inch tops)S Griffin
C10 Three Beetroot (with tops)J TilstonM EardleyS Griffin
C11 One LettuceG GidleyG GidleyP Blake
C12 Six Pods PeasJ TilstonG GidleyD Batterton
C13 Four Different VegetablesJ TilstonJ TilstonD Batterton
C14 Any Other Single VegetablesP BlakeJ TilstonP Blake
C15 Vase of Mixed HerbsJ Street
C16 Plate of Eight RaspberriesR MullettG GidleyD Batterton
C17 Plate of Any Other FruitD BattertonA PowellA Powell
C18 Heaviest MarrowM EardleyP Blake
C19 Longest Runner BeanP Blake
C20 A Vegetable/ vegetables grown by an under 16 year oldK GriffinJ BlakeK Griffin
D1 A Riot In RedM HitchinM GorrillS Walsh
D2 Arrangement depicting a song titleM GorrillS GriffinS Walsh
D3 An arrangement in a cake tinM GorrillJ StreetR Mullett
D4 A Foliage extravaganzaM HitchinM GorrillJ Street
E1 Fruit CakeE GidleyE GidleyC Osborne
E2 Victoria SpongeS HornbyB LewisL Jones
E3 Five SconesJ CurbishleyS HornbyL Jones
E4 Plate of Six BiscuitsS WalshH BladonM Wren
E5 Four Decorated Fairy CakesC Waterhouse
E6 Fruit Pie - may include RhubarbM EardleyM EardleyB Lewis
E7 A Decorated Cake on a floral themeS TurnerP WaterhouseM Ball
E8 Savoury Pie, Tart or FlanS Turner
E9 Any home made loaf of BreadM WrenD MacritchieS Turner
E10 3 home made Bread RollsA WalshS TurnerH Bladon
E11 Pot of Fruit Jam or JellyE GidleyS HornbyI Bush
E12 Pot of Home-made MarmaladeR MullettS HornbyI Bush
E14 Pot of Home-made ChutneyP HarwoodM EardleyM Eardley
E15 Bottle of Any LiqueurG GidleyP McClellandG Gidley
E16 Bottle of any fruit cordialE Gidley
F1 A piece of hand embroideryH BladonH BladonR Slade
F2 A piece of machine embroideryH Bladon
F3 Any Hand Knitted GarmentA JamesonH BladonH Bladon
F4 A Sewn garment for an adultH Bladon
F6 Any Framed Piece of Cross StitchI SouthernA JamesonS Brooks
F7 Any Piece of Crochet or TattingH BladonP HarwoodL Sherratt
F8 One Soft Toy fabric or knittedH BladonH BladonR Slade/N Rodrigues
F9 Any Handmade CardK WebbL JonesK Palin/I Southern
F10 Any Patchwork ItemP DaleR MullettN Rodrigues
F11 Any piece of BeadworkA JamesonA JamesonH Bladon
F12 A Decorated CushionH BladonH BladonS Walsh
F13 Any Other Handicraft ItemJ BrainN RodriguesR Slade
G1 Wood TurningD AtkinsonJ CassonP Curnuck
G2 Any Other Wood Craft ItemS RobinsonP CurnuckE Barlow
G3 Wood CarvingE Barlow
G4 Metal ItemA Bell
G5 Kit modelI TurpinI TurpinI Turpin
H1 In The WoodsM LawI TurpinP Thompson
H2 ReflectionsP ThompsonM LawI Turpin
H3 AgricultureA BallI TurpinP Manning
H4 Toy storyA BallH WoodwardA Ball
H5 “Happiness”I TurpinD MacritchieP Manning
H6 FragileP ManningA BallI Turpin
H7 Photo MontageA BallI TurpinH Woodward
J1 Water Colour or PastelB WatkinsonV OliverM Jackson
J2 Oils or AcrylicJ SpantonM JacksonM Curnuck
J3 Any Other MediaN WatkinsonL HoughK Coates
J4/J5 Water Colour or Pastel (age 12-16)C PeronaS HorsesM Lagbourne
J6 Pencil, Pen or Ink Drawing (age 12-16)G KeelyG KeelyG Keely
J7 Mixed Media (12-16)C Wakefield
K1 'A Picture of a welly' (up to 5 years old)D-L KennerleyF DakinK-M Higgins
K2 ‘'Watering Can' (aged 6 -8 years)D EdmundsonCallum TR Phillips
K3 ‘'A Cagoule' (aged 9-11 years old)S StapletonS BirdR Oultram
L1 Any Pottery or Clay item (aged 4-7)D EdmunsonC ClarkeJ Royal
L2 Any pottery or clay item (aged 8-11)J StocktonD Stockton
L5 Any Item using Modelling Material (aged 8-11)B ClentonC & B ClentonRhys Van Embden
L7 Any needle & thread item (aged 8-11)A Woolley
L8 Any Needle & Thread Item ( 8 -11)A Van EmbdenR Van Embden
L10 ‘A Picture’ (aged 4 -7)A WoolleyJamiiL Brook
L11 ‘A Picture’ (aged 8-11)S KalinvorskayaC BrookN Martin
L12 Any Handicraft item (aged 4-7)D Edmundson
L13 Any Handicraft Item (aged 8-11)A Van EmbdenJ StocktonR Van Embden
L16 'Collage of flower pictures' (Any age up to 16 years)S StapletonD EdmundsonM Hope

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