The Victoria Sponge

Use 2 hens eggs. They won't mind!

Use 2 hens eggs. They won’t mind!

The Victoria Sponge is a well contested entry to the show so we asked some experts what tips they had…

Use 2 large hen eggs and the required amount of flour, sugar and fat (of your choice) from your usual recipe. Fill the sponge with jam only – do not use cream/buttercream. The schedule states no decoration – this means no icing, icing sugar or anything else – the judge wants to see just a plain cake.

Here’s a good tip. When your cake is cooked and you want to cool it, probably using a wire rack, don’t put the top of your cake onto the rack which may result in a grid pattern as the cake cools.  This could be classed as decoration and could be disqualified because of the lines.  As said above, the judge just wants to see a nice, plain, lovely looking sponge – golden and so tempting to eat!

Now all we need to do is start a petition to allow the visitors to the show to actually sample the wonderful delights in the Domestic Produce section! Let us have cake!